About Me

Hi, I am PhD candidate at the Department of Computer Science TU Darmstadt in Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki's PEARL Lab; where I am working on understanding the different grounding methodologies used in the Foundational Model based robotics systems; and ways of improving their capabilities by leveraging structured representations.  

Previously, I was a Pre-Doctoral researcher at Google Research India working with Gaurav Aggarwal and Claudio Gentile on search and planning based methods for object-goal navigation.

I have completed my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mathematics & Computing from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur where I have worked on Safe Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous vehicles.

Outside work I am an avid photographer and who loves going on hikes, trails and camping.  



A Contextual Bandit Approach for Learning to Plan in Environments with Probabilistic Goal Configurations
Sohan Rudra, Saksham Goel, Anirban Santara, Claudio Gentile, Laurent Perron,
Fei Xia, Vikas Sindhwani, Carolina Parada, Gaurav Aggarwal
NeurIPS Robot Learning Workshop 2022 | ICRA 2023
paper | video | website

MADRaS: Multi Agent Driving Simulator
Anirban Santara, Sohan Rudra, Sree Aditya Buridi, Meha Kaushik, Abhishek Naik,
Bharat Kaul, Balaraman Ravindran
JAIR 2021 (Journal)
paper | video | code

Design and Implementation of Autonomous Ground Vehicle
for Constrained Environments
G Rahul Kranti Kiran, Indu Kant Deo, Sanskar Agrawal, Siddhant Haldar, Het Shah,
Sohan Rudra, Harsh Maheshwari, Aditya Rathore, Poojan Shah, Ashwin Nehete,
Debashish Chakravarty
IRC 2019
paper | video

Research Associate
September 2023 - Ongoing
Darmstadt, Germany

Domain: Robotics, Large Language Models, Reinforcement Learning, Multi-Task Learning

Google Research
Pre-Doctoral Researcher
June 2021 - July 2023
Bengaluru, India

Domain: Robotics, Contextual Bandits, Reinforcement Learning, Vision Transformers,
Machine Perception

Qualcomm Innovation Fellow
August 2020 - June 2021
Kharagpur, India

Domain: Computer Vision, Dictionary Learning, Texture Representations, Metric Learning

Wadhwani AI
Research Intern
May 2020 - Aug 2020
Mumbai, India

Domain: Anthropometry, Computer Vision, Multi-View Geometry,
Parametric Models Mesh Models, Camera Models 

Intel & IIT Kharagpur
Student Researcher
May 2018 - Dec 2019
Kharagpur, India

Domain: Multi Agent Simulator, Reinforcement Learning, Curriculum Learning, Autonomous Driving

Wadhwani AI
Student Researcher
May 2019 - July 2019
Mumbai, India

Domain: Mesh Processing Algorithms, Domain Adaptation, Computer Vision, Parameteric Mesh Models

Get in touch at [sohanrudra at gmail dot com]